Qamara is a spiritual jewel that was given the mantel of Muqaddim  Murabbi (a caregiver / expeditor of Spirit) by the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem.

The sincerity and strength of her spiritual journey have filled her with the grace and humility that is needed to be of true value to her clients.  Her greatest joy comes in serving those who feel called into a life of divinely guided service, who seek the greater purpose of their existence.
There, she was spiritually guided by the works of "Sidi" Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Jamal ar-Rifa'i ash-Shadhuli from the Holy Land who has worked diligently to establish the Shadhiliyya order of Sufism in America and other areas throughout the world. Upon completing her spiritual studies, she began working as a private practitioner of Sufism in Florida.  There she opened her door to national and international clients including adults and children.  

She has been sought out as a speaker, served on national and international boards and leadership committees, and facilitated zhikr (remembrance), Zawwiyah retreats, and healing circles for the Sufi Community.  She is also well known for her strategic planning and volunteer work for beloveds that are in need and those who are suffering from terminal illness.

Maintaining a spiritual healing practice in South Florida, Qamara helps her clients to return their hearts in peaceful surrender to their Divinity, their Lord and Sustainer, leading to real wellbeing, deep peace and contentment.  She works with clients of all faiths and is passionate about helping them to open to and access divine guidance and support by using spiritual healing methods. 
Born in England, "Qamara" has studied in Europe and in the United States in search of the excellence that would allow her to develop as a healer and teacher. 

Her spiritual pursuits led her to earn two Masters in Divinity Degrees, one in Ministry and one in Peace Making at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism under the direction of Ibrahim Jaffe MD. 
Secret of Sufi Healing
Chantelle "Qamara" Kurtz 


Chantelle "Qamara" Kurtz