God is Omnipresent (having the ability to be everywhere at once); therefore, sessions by phone or Skype are equally as effective as sessions that are performed in the presence of the healer.
Support and healing for a variety of illnesses and difficulties can be obtained through the Omnipotence (Absolute Power) of God.  Healers in the Sufi Way, seek to honor and surrender to Allah's Omnipotence, by purifying themselves.  In doing so they seek to reflect the vibrational frequencies of the Spirit of god (i.e., the qualities of God such as grace, strength, mercy, compassion, knowledge, etc.)

As the client turns to Allah with openness and receptivity, the transmission of this frequency then becomes the gift or spiritual medicine that is needed for healing to occur.  For example, healing may occur on one or more levels, such as healing within the physical body, heart, soul, and / or the deeper secret places within the individual.

The healing may include prayers, such as those offered by the Holy prophets, (may peace and blessings be upon them); often, this may also include the transmission of one or more of God's qualities (99 Qualities of Allah).

​Nevertheless, Allah is he Divine Healer (ash-Shafi); He is all Knowing (al-Alim); therefore, it is Allah who determines whether or not healing will transpire; for example, healing may occur in a moment or over several sessions.  When physical healing does not occur, Allah may send insights, or help us deal with our challenges and limitations in a new way (i.e., such as developing mercy or compassion for something we cannot change about ourselves. 
Throughout the ages and throughout the world, God has sent prophets and messengers to humanity, to bring His message of Truth, Guidance and Mercy.  Some of these messengers also carried Healing for humanity; healing in the way of Love, Truth, and Oneness of God. 

Speaking of Jesus (may peace and blessings be upon him), Sidi (our guide) stated in his book, Stories of the Prophets, "...he could know, in his spirit, immediately what was needed to heal a sick person.  His healing power came through the Light, but the very soft and subtle light of the spirit, which can heal all disease."

Healers in the Shadhiliyya Sufi Way offer themselves as vessels to bring the pure healing in the way of the Holy prophets. (may God's peace and blessings be upon them all)

Through the practice of the "Remembrance," Sufi healers call on God by the name of Allah, which is the name of God in the Arabic language. This name is revealed in the Holy Qur'an, and also in the Bible in Arabic speaking countries. 

People of different faiths may call on the One God by the name of Allah, or by another name. With the help of Allah, each session is tailored to the specific needs and  requests of the client.

Secret of Sufi Healing
Chantelle "Qamara" Kurtz 

Healing Philosophy

Walking upon the Sufi path