Secret of Sufi Healing
Chantelle "Qamara" Kurtz 

The prices listed above are for Qamara's time. All real healing comes from God, which is of infinite worth, and as such it cannot be given a price.  Qamara has assisted her clients in accessing real guidance; she offers them spiritual support in moving forward on their soul's journey, supporting them through illness and in overcoming obstacles.  Support can be given during difficulties in relationships, career and other challenges on the soul's journey. To schedule a free 15-minute consultation, call Qamara at   954-934-6771.  

Qamara works with the spiritual roots of illness and disease; that said, she encourages her clients to continue working with the advice of their mental health and medical practitioners as they journey together towards healing and wholeness.  As a disclaimer, Qamara does not claim to be a mental health or medical practitioner. Instead, Qamara offers healing in the authentic Shadhiliyya way; her services include group and individual retreats, hijaama, spiritual counseling and spiritual healing sessions.