Secret of Sufi Healing

​"I believe I have been blessed with the opportunity to have studied with the best teachers that are present on our planet today.  There is a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in many forms relating to the aspect of introspection retreat.  I found being on a personal retreat led by Chantelle Kurtz to be extremely profound and unique.  She is very inspiring, knowledgeable and holds a deep healing space for all to fully blossom and receive exactly what is needed.  I encourage all of those of you interested to follow your heart and experience your own personal journey, I truly believe you will be happy you did." 

~ Dr. Anthousa Helena

Chantelle "Qamara" Kurtz 

Additional Testimonials

Regarding Qamara's Work

​"Qamara has the capacity to reach into the deeper causes of disease and walk a person through these for spiritual healing to occur. She is an excellent healer who holds the compassion and love for her client."                   ~ Dr. "Ibrahim" Jaffe MD

"Chantelle is known for her gentle compassion."
~ Mary "Halima" Fleming 

"Qamara carries the real Islam and the real Love in her heart - She is truly a Holy jewel.      A real teacher who gives only the clean water."   
 ~ Dr. John  "Wadude" Laird MD